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The Habesha Web is a comprehensive platform for all the social and business needs of the Habesha Community residing in the US. The company is based out of Texas, US and is the largest and number one source of information for the Habesha people. The company’s mission is to assist the Habesha community in promoting its own culture in the US and transforming the old lifestyles of its users into highly digitized ones. The Habesha Web rent and roommates section helps people look for potential real estate to rent and stay at, along with some good roommates, in case they are planning to share the space so that the rent could be divided. This way, they are able to get good deals at places that are otherwise quite expensive and unaffordable.

Truism Digital Marketing worked with The Habesha Web to create an online portal on their website where users could land and select the property that suits them the most. From the web design and development perspective, this was accomplished by first compiling a list of features the portal was expected to have, and then developing a roadmap on how to get there in the most optimal way. The dev team took some time to do the planning and then came up with a solution that was the most feasible both technology-wise and budget-wise. Once the plan was approved by the client, the developers started putting it into action.

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All the roadblocks during the development phase were dealt with through proper communication between the company and Truism Digital Marketing. The development and marketing teams both worked closely and always consulted the client whenever they felt that they had any confusion regarding the requirements. The client was also very cooperative and made the project a breeze for us by ensuring their regular availability and a quick response time.

The website design for the renting and roommates section at The Habesha Web was done keeping future prospects of the brand in mind. The website was designed in such a way that it could be easily updated or changed by any new dev teams that join in later on. Also, the systems were designed to handle large amounts of traffic and hence were kept fully scalable. The code was also very lightweight and optimized for each section on the website. As a result, we were able to fully realize the idea that the client brought to us. The final result was a clean and user-friendly website that had the best UI and incorporated the latest functionality.


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Truism Digital Marketing is currently associated with a long list of clients and The Habesha Web is only one of them. Our services have helped tonnes of businesses set up their online presence by creating industry-standard and high-quality websites for them. If you have any queries about the work we did with The Habesha Web, feel free to reach out to us. And if you want the same services for your online store, do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to help you out!