WordPress Web Designer 


Truism Digital Marketing provides premium WordPress Web Designer services at the most affordable rates ever. We specialize in custom web development and affordable website design for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Our skilled developers understand your business goals and work hard to deliver results that actually matter to you.

We take pride in the fact that our WordPress Web Design services are used by some of the most successful businesses out there – we have built strong websites for very well-known companies across the globe.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used in the development industry right now. The reason for that is that WordPress websites are simple to create and have an extensive range of plugins that can be added very conveniently. Additionally, the CMS is open-source, which means that it is free to install, upgrade, modify, and operate for both developers and users.



Our WordPress Web Design Service

Truism Digital Marketing is more than just a development company. We are a team of dedicated and driven individuals aimed at improving our client’s business game and making them go sky high. We use our years of experience to help solve problems with optimal and feasible solutions.

Our experts know all the tricks and hacks of the web development industry and give them all to you just to make sure that you succeed in whatever goals you have.


Here’s a list of everything our WordPress Web Design services include,

  • Website Building
  • Installations & Hosting
  • Regular Maintenance & Updates
  • Security & Privacy Concerns
  • Plugin Development
  • Template Implementation & Customization
  • Sitemap Generation
  • Implementing Tracking & Analytics
  • Formatting & Layout
  • On-going Support 


Features of WordPress Websites


WordPress powers around 41% of the web and the figure increases every single day. The reason WordPress is the most used website development tool is that it combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers.

You can use the thousands of plugins already provided by WordPress or play around with the code to introduce your own functionalities. This provides you with the flexibility to design everything from simple blog websites to complex client portals and full-fledged applications.


Here are the most useful features of WordPress websites we design at Truism Digital Marketing,

  • Simplicity

One of the most important features WordPress websites have to offer is their simplicity and ease of use. You can create posts and pages with the click of a button. Content can be added, removed, or updated without a lot of hassle and you can work with text as well as media. You just have to press one button and all of it will be saved and updated on your website.

  • Flexibility

The level of flexibility WordPress websites offer is incredible. You can create all types of websites including blogs, business websites, magazine websites, online community websites, and whatnot. All of that is possible through the themes and templates available, which are completely customizable. The same applies to plugins as well.

  • Plugins

There is a dedicated plugins library with thousands of plugins that cover almost every need you might have regarding your website. You can add very basic tools such as sign-up forms or complex controls for SEO, etc. right from that library. 

  • SEO Friendly

WordPress websites are designed with special attention to Search Engine Optimization. The default controls allow you to make basic edits for SEO while for an in-depth control, you can use various SEO plugins available in the library.

  • Installations & Upgrades

Installing WordPress from scratch is very simple and you can install more upgrades later on. You just need to press a few buttons and the rest will be taken care of automatically.


Our WordPress Web Design Service